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Developmental Delay?

How to understand if your child having developmental delay? When it comes to developmental delays, there are several general warning signs, Behavioral Warning Signs Does your child lack attention and responsiveness or doesn’t stay focused on an activity for a long time as normal children the same age does? Does your child tend to concentrate […]

Disability And Slow Learning?

How to differentiate between Learning disability and slow learning? Now, it’s quite normal to wonder the differences between slow learner and learning disabled. Slow learners would include children whose intelligence is below average. Imagine a child of below average intelligence, whose thinking capabilities are below normal for his/her age. This child, however, will go through […]

Learning Disability?

How to tell if your child has learning disability? Does your child have problems with pronunciation? Does your child struggle to learn new facts or skills? Does your child have a trouble to link the alphabets with sounds? Does your child always tend to mix up letters and words when reading or writing? Does your […]

Is My Child Autistic ?

How to tell if my child is autistic? But when it comes to autism, identifying it earlier, say probably by the time the child is 2years makes an enormous difference.Nevertheless, no matter what age the child is, treatment can always reduce the disorders complications to an extent. Therefore, do not fret. The following delays deserve […]

Language Difficulty

How to tell your child needs professional help in Pre-school language difficulty Signs to look for language difficulty in children who is 1year old: Taking turns: Does your child have an issue in taking turns while conversing with you Babbling: Does your child babble or baby talk? Gestural communication: Does your child have an issue […]

Social Communication

How to understand if your child needs help? Response to name call: Is there any kind of response from their end when you call them by their name? Anticipation: Is there any kind of eagerness they show when you play the tickle game with them? Experimenting: Does your child engage in any form of experimentation […]