Director’s Message

I started practice in Bangalore, India around 2002 when our profession Occupational Therapy and Speech therapy was still little known in South India. The problem of finding the right professionals to help with a myriad of problems relating to Autism, ADHD, LD and other Childhood development disorders related to communication and learning was huge. At the early stages even Professionals (Neurologist, Psychiatrist and Pediatrician) were unaware whom to refer, who is good, and who will help these kids. What Therapy can do with these kids and in what way therapist can facilitate the children to enhance their skills in understanding perception and cognitive abilities? We had to fight the lack of information about the different conditions, wrong diagnosis, wrong guidance and misconceptions at the parental level.

Even now I hear from Parents that some professionals are still encouraging “Wait and see approach” or recommend to put an admission in a play school then your child will speak. Children who has trouble in understanding the environment, language, not following parents or anyone’s comments, not responding to their name, Not calling even appa amma appropriately at around the age of 2 yrs. Then they should reach out to Psychiatrist or Therapist who will help in initial assessment and followed by explaining why your kid needs to undergo Therapy and why therapy is important at this early age. Please use the following link to do a self-assessment of developmental check list

Dr. Kamal Raj

Dr. Geeva Kamal Raj with an experience of 17 years, we refer her as dictionary to every child who comes to the centre. She not only understands nook and corner of every child but analyses their potential and ways to channelize their skills. The recognition of the skills by Geeva surprises parents who miss to view certain skills even when they interact with them on daily basis. Dr. Geeva Kamal Raj has always gone a step beyond to understand the child and brings the hope that in unseen in parent’s eyes. The customized therapy goals are designed by Kamal and Geeva is then executed by the team of various therapists who are specialized in Occupational therapy, Speech therapy, Social workers, Clinical Psychologists and is often reviewed by having case study sessions with Dr. Geeva. Case Manager monitors how goals are executed by Therapist and she will decide on any changes that are required. With the Case Manager, each child has a periodical observation conducted for the parents to understand the progress and doubts or changes that may be required in child progress.

Appreciation brings not just the potential but happiness about the self. To see the glow in children’s face when it holds a prize in hand and applause from audience is priceless and can’t be compensated. The special children lack that phase in their life and “Poonagai pookal” has been facilitating the way to happiness both in the child and the parents. This cultural gathering has been conducted for around six years to provide the opportunity of competing with each other and to understand the concept of achieving which otherwise isn’t easy for them. I thank all those principals, school teachers, organizations and even media for being a great support in being the back bone for the bringing the poonagai in those pookal. This Centre has flourished both in terms of professionals and abundant resources and materials to help the children for their progress. I am thankful for the opportunity that parents have given to us by entrusting us with their children. We value this relationship that we see as symbiotic and special. We never cease to be amazed by how much the transformation of your children have in turn brought much fulfilment in the work we do.

Wishing all a wonderful day ahead!

Dr. Geeva Kamal Raj