Why Us?

Expert advice and therapy

Dr. Geeva Kamal Raj, who has been in this field for the last two decades and still, is working towards the development of the child, has commendable experience. Each child’s milestone is set with a path paved by her for their progress on a constant basis. The experience in this field is major source for establishing the awareness of early intervention for any child to bring a successful progress. To fall in the rhythm of the child’s language is possible if guided in the right way and Chaitanya does help to decode their language.

Tailor made goals

The therapy is given in the form of the activities with various goals for a particular period. The goals here are customised and made according to the child’s potential and requirement. No two children will have the same goals as they are unique in their own way.

Unique way of occupational therapy

Occupational therapy in Chaitanya is considered unique due to its features. The one that outweighs all, is the goals for the therapy that has a scale of grading to enhance the stimulation in the required areas. As for example: child might require stimulation in areas of primary needs which might be hidden under the secondary activities that are portrayed well. The aim of Chaitanya is to understand the areas which will require the intervention that the social world can’t offer.

The activities are totally child–centred as they are designed based not only on their needs but their interests. Some activities or the materials used for therapy are modified to accommodate visual or auditory sense based on the response from the child. i.e In simple words : A child may not look at an object when you tell but will respond when you touch and show.

Dr. Geeva Kamal Raj who designs the goal for every child aims in providing remedy for the weak areas by tapping their own strength. For a child to understand the commands or execute the activity clues are provided in a way they can de-code. A child might understand the colour yellow through banana but not by teaching them with crayons. So recognizing their code is more important than just conducting activities. It gives path for easier understanding and quality progress.

Unseen features of speech therapy

Speech therapy aims to provide the skill of vocalization. It’s important to understand the difference between the objective learning such as alphabets, words or sentences and the functional learning. Chaitanya rigorously work towards improvising the functional skills that are required for a child on a daily basis. To elaborate : More than the alphabets, a child needs to know how to ask for water and his bathroom needs, so to say “tha”, “venum”, “ponum” is more essential to function in any place.

The therapy for a non-verbal child starts with oro motor exercise such as closing of lips, palate exercises, blowing and other oro motor exercises... which push the child to explore with different sounds and understanding. All the Activities are mended from the child’s comfort area. For example: a child might have started with “oo or aah”, so the progress is carefully tracked and re-adjusted with new goals. These children are in a pre-occupied state almost all the time. Therapy doesn’t aim to unveil them from this state rather it helps them to peep-out for a particular span of time and implement their activities. The therapists provide total attention even to their small improvements, hidden potential and their areas of interests and even their dis-likes. An equation of updated techniques, training sessions and continuous working in the field of inventing new activities is a huge strength.

Research and Development

Chaitanya believes in innovation which is the key element in enhancing goals and the equipments or materials required for it. The team of four headed by Dr. Kamal Raj & Dr. Geeva focuses on improvising the activities and utilisation of latest equipment brought from various countries outside India. There are some unique materials which cater to the specific needs, designed by the team and introduced to the children. The activities aren’t based on the available materials rather the materials are created now and then to conduct the required activity for the particular child.

Early Intervention

Chaitanya works on providing awareness on early intervention which will results in better progress. It’s as simple as any problem, earlier you find easier the way out. Media has been the major tool for creating awareness about this field and the need for early intervention. Dr.Geeva has been invited in many channels such as Sun TV, Jaya TV, Raj TV, Puthiya Talaimurai, Puthuyugam TV, Thanthi TV, Makkal TV for discussion about Autism, ADHD and LD, What therapy is available and how to help their families. The most common doubt of young mothers where taken as a topic in her blog and addressed with case studies as such they will understand what is myth and their do’s and don’ts.