I like to tell you my personal experience in Chaithanya. We went there when my son was 1.9 years, there we met Kamalraj sir and he told us you are at right time and no need what was your child was now and we will take care. From then on wards, we are free from worry and now he is 3.1 years. He had rapidly developed and good in all. Although we all think its very difficult to pay money. but I will say only one money can be earned at any stage but our kids brain can be stimulated only at a right time. I am really happy with Geeva mam and Kamalraj sir's performance. Highly recommend to all, thanks for Chaithanya.

Padmanaban Devaraj

My son Yesvanth joined OT 45 days before, he was hyperactive and never listens to anything. Today I found him almost normal doing all regular activities like playing with toys, swinging, cycling and murmuring rhymes, 123, adcd etc., We found Chaitanya OT Centre is the best centre for OT and Speech Therapy. Special thanks to Dr. KAMAL RAJ who given excellent support and services.

Jeyaraman Irulappaswamy

My son Sanjeev hardly spoke 4 to 5 words last year before we joining for OT and Speech Therapy in Chaitanya. But now he is communicating in meaningful sentences and he is able to understand commands and follow. This much fast improvement we have got in Chaitanya by the past one year itself. And the activities that are teaching here, we couldn't see the different type of activities in any other therapy centres. Only Geeva mam can think this many type of activities by using simple playing things and using that in different ways. We sincerely thank Geeva mam and Chaitanya for Sanjeev's fast improvement in his speech and behaviour.And we have full hope in Chaitanya that Sanjeev will improve in writing also. I wish Chaitanya to continue their greatest service and enlighten the lives of children with special needs.


We can see lot of improvement after the 40 hours of OT. Before that my son had no eye contact and never paid attention to anyone. After a lot of research we decided to go for Chaitanya. In beginning itself we observed the changes in him. Now he is "waving" and doing " high five". Great improvement in eye contact, responding back when we call by his name, taking food by himself. He obey commands. Now he is enjoying in the slide without fear.. Day by day the behaviour changes are too good. We are very happy to being here.
Our sincere thanks to Dr.Kamalraj who given excellent and awesome service. The therapist and co ordinator staffs are very kind and patience with kids. Thank you so much Dr.Kamalraj sir and team.

Sanjay's Mom

I am Kavitha , mother of k.sanjay.6 years old studying in u.k.g. for past 31/2 years. My son is coming to this chaitanya centre for speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy. My son’s speech therapy and occupational therapy is improving by their therapy. Mrs .Geeva has helped us a lot by listening to the problems of my son and act according to it and made changes in his problems. I need more improvement in his therapy . I am glad that , I am connected with this centre which no centre can give me such a good result.

Lithesh's Mom

I should say thanks to Chaitanya to know about my kids. I understand kids world ,their needs and then how can we help them to be a good citizen.I thank Chaitanya to take care of them.I wish to develop Chaitanya’s service more and more . My kind regards to Madam Geeva to improve my child’s activities.

Yogesh's Mom

About Chaitanya- C - Caring, H – Honesty, A – Affection, I – Intelligence, T – Togetherness, A – Awesome, N – Notable, Y – Youthful, A – Active. Chaitanya is really an enjoyable place for yogesh , where they teach Montessori method of learning . This is the only special school with a homely atmosphere .This is the school where they bring out the child’s talent and specialise them in that . For eg : singing , dancing etc .They give utmost care and protection for the child .Chaitanya sets up one goal for a child and keep on working until the child achieves that goal .Only after the child’s achievement they skip on to another one ,whereas in other schools they teach a lot of things and never bother about the child’s achievement .Maintaining cleanliness in the school ,encouraging the child for their performance by giving gifts . conducting stage programmes and encouraging the child and bringing out their talents .
1. Regularly functioning
2. Conducting parents meeting
3. Having fun for kids
4. Very entertaining school
5. Taking to excursion
6. Taking these kids to public places

Karthik's Mom

Regarding RDI & Remedial class, Expressing himself has improved, Sitting tolerance is better, Peer group interaction has improved, Logical understanding has improved to a certain extent, In general overall input given to him is appreciable in chaitanya

Anton’s mom

Anton learnt Colour identification after we put him in Chaitanya for OT and in mam’s session. Thinking ability has been improved a lot. Good improvement in framing sentences, storytelling due to Speech therapy. Writing skills has been improved, writing in the square lines, small size after we put him for special education.

Lavanya's mom

My child has been attending therapy classes in chaitanya from the age of four. And five years since then ,she has always been in the improvement phase. A child who can hardly speak two words together ,is now participating in oratorical competitions. This is only because of the efforts put by the therapists in Chaitanya. It is the only center which meets all the difficulties of the child and focuses on the child’s overall development ,whether it may be speech ,education ,behavioural or other remedial problems. Their approach to the child is totally different and their creative therapy practises are appreciable .They are very friendly with the child and make them feel comfortable. Mind reading and relationship development therapies are their speciality and it is hardly focussed in other centers .As a parent ,we are happy to have taken the right decision of joining our child in Chaitanya at her early age. We thank Dr.Geeva Kamal Raj for her service and the emotional support given by her .

Padmesh's Mom

Chaitanya , I could say a best place for a special child with special needs . Particularly ,the play way adapting technique is really appreciable. Even though I have all the toys at home ,I never fixed rules to use it and helped him to learn about it. But Chaitanya did it for padmesh. Now he is able to fix rules for me ,change options ,communicate well. Listening has improved a lot. Responding is in the way I think. Sometimes he express his needs like hungry, thirsty ,sleepy. Really happy about it. I have also heard experiences from other children parents who were allowed inside during the therapy. Actually ,they gave surety for chaitanya I can say. Surely Geeva mam will improve Padmesh and also the doctor had a very good opinion on Chaitanya.Before the first observation, it was really intolerable to sit outside without having any knowledge of what is happening inside. But now ,I trust 100 percent and quite comfortable.

Kailash's Mom

CHAITANYA- place for child with special needs.its a correct slogan for chaitanya. No doubt about it. Its place of God also.Because here only children get true mother’s love and affection. Even child’s mother wont put this much effort to create a child with fully legible to lead a normal life in this society. I am proudly say that my child recognise me as his mother after I’ve come here only. He starts calling Amma after I came here.I am very much happy to write this feedback. I am very much gratitude to GeevaKamalraj Madam.She reads my childs mind and according to that she makes needful therapy to the child. Not only one child, so many child with special needs. she is true mother. Definitely I refer this place for a child with special needs without any hesitation and doubt. Thank you so much toGod for showing me Geeva Mam and chaitanya. No words.