July 01 2017 1Comment

How to differentiate between Learning disability and slow learning?

Now, it’s quite normal to wonder the differences between slow learner and learning disabled. Slow learners would include children whose intelligence is below average. Imagine a child of below average intelligence, whose thinking capabilities are below normal for his/her age.

This child, however, will go through the same basic developmental stages just as other children, but only that the development will be in a significantly slower pace.

While on the other hand, a child who has a definite learning disability is one whose intelligence is average or above average and whose specific difficulties make learning very difficult.

Such as deficits in any of the basic central nervous system functions, which makes listening, speaking, reading, writing, reasoning or math a problem area.

In short, if there is an inconsistency between the child's potential and actual accomplishment, it's usually called a specific learning disability. Whereas slow learners will always be behind their peers, but again this doesn’t mean that they can’t be improved instead it just means Children with a specific learning disability can, with the right help, be expected to attain chronologically appropriate academic levels in time.