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Best Autism Doctor In Chennai

Early Identification of Autism

The following delays deserve a speedy evaluation.

  • By 6 months: If there is no big smile or other delighted expressions
  • By 9 months: No back-and-forth sharing of sounds, smiles, or other facial expressions
  • By 12 months: If your child does not respond to names
  • By 12 months: If the child does not babble or does *baby talk*
  • By 12 months: If your child does not show signs or signals, such as pointing to someone or an object or waving
  • By 16 months: If your child does not say even a single word.
  • By 24 months: If your child does not say any expressive two words that doesn’t include replicating or retelling

Other features:

Teach Autistic Children to Jump

Jumping is an excellent activity for autistic children because it facilitates gross motor exercise and is an independent activity that allows them to improve bilateral coordination and balance. Autistic children react differently to sensory motor movements and perform gross and fine motor skills at different levels. Some children are drawn to jumping and spinning while others are not comfortable participating in it. Any physical activity to implement need tailor made program based on the child’s interest. Those indirectly encourage active participation. To facilitate jumping activity we can create a game or task. For example: place a few objects on the floor and take turns jumping over them to collect them

How to teach child developmental skills to kids with Autism Parental tips to teach autistic kid:

Instructions within a routine will help the best. Provide a structured environment. Rooms should be free from distractions. Place a daily schedule. If the child is a visual learner you may accommodate the child by using pictures in the questions. Address your child’s sensory issues. Extending therapy sessions to the home help aid therapy session learning. Do not rush the child. Follow the child’s lead to ensure the comprehension of concepts. Each child progresses at his own pace and you must respect this pace. Repetition is keyPay attention to how your child responds to you. Pay attention to your child’s behavior.

How Therapy helps Autistic kids to learn new skills?

Many children with autism have issues with sensory integration. This means the autistic child is frequently loaded with sensory information and lacks the ability to filter out the unimportant information. Loud noises, sticky items, bright lights and huge crowds are enough to cause a tantrum. Sensory Integration Therapy and Occupational Therapy help address the issue. However, these therapies are most effective if you start them while your child is really young.

If the child never verbalizes anything close to how the word is produced, speech therapy would then work on achieving the best word approximations through verbal imitation.

Each child presents different strengths and difficulties. A plan outlines the goals, strategies and services children will receive based on their own needs.

Many children with autism learn well with an appropriate and graded teaching methodology.

Therapy follow stand-over-hand prompting and fading.

Therapy Program needs to focus on transition too because some children with autism have great difficulty with transitions. This means asking kids to switch from one activity to the next can cause a tantrum.

Behavior Therapy should support the therapy program plan(e.g. constant rocking behaviors, hand-flapping, obsessed with certain toys or lines them up and insists on not moving them, makes repetitive motions or repeats the same speech over and over, lacks the desire to play with other kids around her age, and/or if she has an extreme reaction to any sort of the change in her environment, diet or routine).