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How to tell if my child is autistic?

But when it comes to autism, identifying it earlier, say probably by the time the child is 2years makes an enormous difference.Nevertheless, no matter what age the child is, treatment can always reduce the disorders complications to an extent. Therefore, do not fret.

The following delays deserve a speedy evaluation.

  • By 6 months: If there is no big smile or other delighted expressions
  • By 9 months: No back-and-forth sharing of sounds, smiles, or other facial expressions
  • By 12 months: If your child does not respond to names
  • By 12 months: If the child does not babble or does *baby talk*
  • By 12 months: If your child does not show signs or signals, such as pointing to someone or an object or waving
  • By 16 months: If your child does not say even a single word.
  • By 24 months: If you child does not say any expressive two words that doesn’t include replicating or retelling