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How to understand if your child having developmental delay?

When it comes to developmental delays, there are several general warning signs,

Behavioral Warning Signs

Does your child lack attention and responsiveness or doesn’t stay focused on an activity for a long time as normal children the same age does?

Does your child tend to concentrate on unusual objects for longer periods of time?

Does your child get extremely angry for doing even a simple task that normal child his age would do?

Does your child show aggressive behaviors at most times and appear to be very stubborn when compared with other children?

Gross Motor Warning Signs

Does your child have stiff arms and/or legs?

Does your child have a floppy or limp body posture compared to other children of the same age?

Does your child concentrate on using one side of the body more than the other side?

Vision Warning Signs

Does your child have a trouble in maintaining eye contact?

Does your child find it difficult to pick up small objects that are dropped on the floor?

Does your child frequently close one of his eyes when trying to look at distant objects?

Hearing Warning Signs

Does your child have abnormal change in his voice tone?

Does your child have difficulty in responding to name calls?

Does your child turn his body in a way that the same ear is always facing towards sound?

Does your child have a difficulty in following instructions after the age of 3?

Does your child fail to develop sounds or words that would be appropriate at her age?

If a child is not learning a skill that other children are learning at the same age, that may be a "warning sign" that the child may be at risk for developmental delay. If a child has not learned these skills during a specific time frame, it does not mean your child is delayed. Nevertheless, it’s better to discuss this with your child’s doctor.