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How to understand if your child needs help?

  • Response to name call: Is there any kind of response from their end when you call them by their name?
  • Anticipation: Is there any kind of eagerness they show when you play the tickle game with them?
  • Experimenting: Does your child engage in any form of experimentation or do they explore when they come in contact with new objects?
  • Imaginative play: Does your child engage in pretend play? For eg: animal play feeding.
  • Curiosity: when you tell them that you have a gift for them, do they show any form of additional interest in finding out what it might be ?
  • Spontaneity: Does your child respond to a situation almost instantly?
  • Joint Attention: Does your child initiate a conversation?
  • Gestural communication: Is your child capable of understanding gestural clues?
  • Imitating action: Does your child have an issue with imitating action with you or his/her play partner?
  • Pointing action: Does your child point at objects you name?
  • Stimming: Does your child engage in stimming or repeated behavior like hand flapping?
  • Specific object play: Does your child have an obsession with a specific toy as in fond of just car keys or cars alone etc?