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Chaitanya works on the foundation skills in order to be successful in life such as sensory processing skills, visual perceptual skills, motor skills, communication, self-help skills like eating and social interaction skills, academics and a lot more.

Chaitanya provides a set of skills required for everyday activities which can help kids to be independent. We believes in therapy with difference and always being on toes

We Focus on Tailor made goals

when your child enters Chaitanya, the basic assessment is the key with which short and long terms goals are created for your child’s progress. The therapy sessions are directly supervised and developed by our team head therapist Dr. Kamal raj and Dr. Geeva Kamal raj our therapy strategy is to break goals down into small, manageable pieces and reassemble it into productive behavior patterns. Because, a simple task might seem huge for a special need child, for example: jumping requires left and right brain coordination takes a real long time to learn which is supposed to be a natural learning. Chaitanya applies child centered approach for any child to gives it best, motivation helps to break through the barriers to progress. Therapist identifies child’s individual motivations such as hugs, stars or cheering words.

What is Special about us?

Chaitanya encourages your child to energetically climb, jump, play and explore with others and nurtures your child’s curiosity for knowledge. Therapists also increase or decrease sensory stimulation as necessary to meet your child’s requirements while respecting socially acceptable boundaries. The uniqueness lies in the creation of materials through constant research. New materials are not goal based rather child based (a color that is preferred by the child and a material that the child relates to is transformed into an activity). Each child is seen by the head Dr. Geeva Kamal raj and Dr.Kamal raj themselves which facilitates the steps towards progress swiftly. Therapist takes utmost care in noting down the small changes in development in any form, for example: a child who never reacts responds with a “aaah” when we say it’s wrong. This implies child started to acknowledge your presence. Chaitanya tries to give its best through therapists and its materials to bring the best for kids.