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Special Education Centre In Chennai

Chaitanya helps as an effective remediation/intervention program for students in grades1 -5. We will exactly identify kids’ strengths and weaknesses and provide targeted handling of prerequisite skills. Through personalized instruction, Chaitanya fills in any knowledge gaps, while enabling immediate success in learning new material. We periodically reassess students to ensure they retain the prerequisite skills necessary for success in their current grade and beyond.

Aim of Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

Academic support to kids who lag far behind when compared to their academic school performance.

Adapt school curriculum and teaching techniques, remedial educator provides learning activities and practical experiences to kids according to their abilities and needs.

Create individualized educational programmes with intensive remedial support to help kids combine their basic knowledge in different subjects, master the learning methods, boost their confidence and improve the effectiveness of learning.

During the teaching process, the educator should provide organized training to develop kids lacking academic skills, including problem-solving, self-management, self-learning, independent thinking and creativity.

The Areas Focused in RE Therapy

Reading Skills

Writing Skills (Spellings, Handwriting, Written expression)

Auditory Processing Skills

Visual Processing Skills

Math Skills

Information Processing
(perception + memory)

How Remedial Teaching works:

  • Design appropriate teaching plan to stimulate effective learning.
  • Different learning activities with same teaching objectives.
  • Simple teaching activities.
  • To stimulate personal interest create games or activities.
  • Real examples before proceeding to abstract concepts.
  • Simple and easy steps.
  • More frequent use of teaching aids, games and activities.
  • Remedial teachers should give kids short and clear instructions to confusion.
  • Ask kids to repeat the steps of activities.
  • Summarize the main points.
  • Teachers can design interesting activities coupled with reward scheme to stimulate kids' interest.
  • Pleasurable learning experiences to help kids' develop interest in learning.
  • Educators should also carefully observe the performances of kids and give them appropriate assistance, feedback and encouragement so as to help them acquire the learning skills, solve their problems and understand their own capability, thus enhancing self-confidence and improving their learning skills.