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testimonial_2My daughter hardly spoke 12 to 15 words one year back. She couldn't produce many sounds. After getting into Chaitanya, she is improving. Now she frames simple phrases. Staffs at Chaitanya are kind and child friendly. Thanks to the entire team for their support and efforts.


testimonial_2They orient well and move along with the kids. Teaching methodology is very well coordinated and trainers are very dedicated. Eventually improvement is visible and I would really recommend the center if you want to get your kids out of the boxed activity.

DIVYA P, Mother

testimonial_2I have a daughter who is 3 and half years old. I approached chaitanya when she was 3 years having speech and developmental delay. She did not speak even a single word at that time except amma. Was very much worried during that time. But now she has started telling amma, appa , bye , apple , auto ,over ola and some more . she also started saying alphabets in Tamil and english. She is doing her task independently like wearing her shoes, trousers, frock. At times eating also. Lots of difference in this short period. Her social skills also improved a lot. Special Thanks to Dr. Jeeva kamal Raj and Team. Thanks a lot.


testimonial_2My 2 year old did not start talking. She had zero eye contact and never paid attention to anyone in the room. Came to Chaitanya through a friend and put my kid on OT. Within 20 classes, there was a great improvement in her eye contact. She started repeating a few works. By the end of 40 classes, she started responding to name call. She became open to new people. Got close to other kids around her and even coarsely sing a couple of rhymes.

Thanks a ton to doctors and staffs at Chaitanya.


testimonial_2Umair is able to comprehend everything in a better manner now. He has now become calmer than before. His ability to follow commands has improved so much after Chaitanya. Before, he was extremely hyper but now he has gotten better. I’m tremendously satisfied.

Umair's, Mother

testimonialI’m so glad seeing Sumesh’s development. Initially there was no pretend play whatsoever with my child but now, he plays a lot with his teddy bear – like putting to sleep, feeding the teddy, cuddling etc. I’m happy to see him following the activities that are being done at his sessions in the house as well. Thanks to the team and the support extended to Sumesh. Read More..

Sumesh's, Mother

testimonial“Chaitanya - a place for child with special needs” is the perfect slogan for Chaitanya. No doubt in this. It’s a place of God also because here only children get the true mother’s love and affection. I’m not really sure if even the child’s mother would have put so much effort to create a child who is fully legible to lead a normal life in this society.

Kailash's, Mother

testimonial I'm glad to give this testimony about Chaitanya .. I'm sure this will help many worried & confused parents about their little ones.
Priya here, proud mother of Manav. My son has completed 3 years couple of weeks ago. In early weeks April 2015, we found our son not behaving proper like other kids. Especially after the feedback from the play school that he is hyper, not sitting in a place, not having eye contact, not speaking except about 15 words like amma, appa, few other relations and few of his toys. My parents, in-laws & relatives said that its natural for boys to speak after 4 years and nothing to worry. My husband and I were confused and wondering whether this is normal or otherwise. In fact my son didn't even know to bite and eat food, we used to smash everything and give.
We were checking various centres, met several doctors and identified that my son need some help for initial period to coupe up with other kids. Some centres said that my son has autism .. We were completely broken .. That was the time, thru one of our contact, we got to hear about Chaitanya and we met Ms. Geeva and her husband in April 3rd week .. Everything happens in right time and so did our meeting with them ... She said that my son has delayed speech and requires OT(Occupational Therapy) & ST(Speech Therapy) and nothing much to worry ..
Its been less than 6 months since my son has been attending the sessions @ Chaitanya .. In this, almost more than 1 month, my son was sick and was not able to attend the sessions .. So, precisely, its about 5 months since he has been attending the sessions ... What a transformations I must say !
- A child who cannot sit in one place for more than 2 min is able to sit for hours and play ..he is going to Kidzee play school in pre-kg and able to sit for 3 hours in his school.
- He has got the eye contact to the extent that he stares at us when he gets angry to show his emotions/reactions !! His eye contact has become normal.
- He couldn't eat even small piece of carrot without smashing and today he eats even murukku(a south Indian snack which will be hard) .. Also, he eats on his own when we pack and give snacks to school ..
- He started speaking sentences, 3-4 words framed sentences .. About 10 sentences ..
- He is able to express what he requires like asking for water, food, etc. He says what toys he needs, what he want to do, what dress he wants to wear, etc.
- When we show the books, he is identifying few animals like cow, fish, doggy, sheep; fruits like apple, banana; vehicles like car, bus, cycle, bike ..
- He is able to sort out the colors - Blue, red, green &yellow ..
- He didn’t know how to even jump .. Today, he can jump, roll, climb and also able to balance in skating .. His gross motor skill has developed a lot ..
We have seen phenomenal changes in our son after joining Chaitanya ..
We gave our son as a clay in the hands of Ms. Geeva and we are happy to say that she has / is molding him in the right way .. We are now confident that in next 6 months, he would be like other kids able to attend the interview and get selected into normal school which Ms. Geeva has also assured us ..
I strongly recommend Chaitanya Therapy Centre and if any parents have any confusion about this centre, hope this testimony will help them to make decision with their kids ... Every single child gets personalized attention, sessions and gets molded in the right way .. I'm ok for Chaitanya to even give my contact number if any parents wants to speak to me .. Our Best Wishes to Chaitanya !!

Manav's, Mother